Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Search engine optimization, internet marketing tactics and social network

Developing a well design and easy-to-navigate website are important but might be not enough to be successful in terms of web visibility. In fact web content optimization is the surest way that guarantees to company website to achieve high rankings on search engines results pages.

As an independent consultant I provide affordable ad-hoc services to websites owners to improve their search ranking. First, it is important to bear in mind that managing SEO/SEM campaign requires a long term commitment from company's marketing managers. Here are some simple tricks which may help for improving a website ranking:
  • Build a valuable content which attracts visitors 
  • Select keywords and key phrases matching your company's activity (generally words your potential target audience or clients are likely to use when searching for your products or services) 
  • Insert keywords within page URL, page title in the HTML, meta description tag, page content and links on each web page including anchor text 
Once the step of keywords/key phrases research is done, the website will now need to be indexed and listed either by adding URL directly in search engines or using inbound links.
Different ways allowing to grab good inbound links exist and the most common are:
  • Editing professional and targeted articles that deliver a clear and optimized marketing message for both search engines and users 
  • Setting up relevant netlink partnerships (back or reciprocal links) as well as making relevant comments on forums and blogs
  • Creating optimized Press Release to announce any new product development 
  • Etc
Today, it might also be interesting to include within the company SEO process the social network optimization which in a long term, can be a benefit for the business.