Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leadership lessons practiced at Open IT For Development

Within the non-profit management Open IT for Development, as sounded on the organization brand, we always are OPEN to learn in order to move forward and opt for the right decision. To do so, we perpetually keep questioning, exploring, watching, engaging in conversation and implementing all ideas that permit to the company to gain in excellence day to day.

Ensure that creativity, innovation and quality of services are not only encouraged but are entirely part of the company's value. Listen to all associate members and employees with different opinions, manage each of them the way he/she wants to be managed, rather than the way that we'd prefer to do it. This might facilitate understanding between managers and team members, build relationship of trust while earning loyalty of our people.

One other point we hold a particular attention on it as founders and managers of the organization, , is our partners: our everyday work consist of finding the best solution that will fit to their request.
Open IT For Development, it's us, but it's also for the members and by the members