Saturday, November 17, 2012

The entrepreneurship vision of Open IT For Development founders

Open IT for Development, is a non-profit organization OPEN (as implied by its name) to new ideas which may help to initiate some relevant projects development within the region we target. That being said, we perpetually keep exploring, observing, building relationships and skills in order to learn from what we receive of others while doing our best in our day to day job.

Ensure that creativity, innovation and quality of services are not only encouraged but are entirely part of the company's values.

Another wish, we founders and managers, have is: to propose the best revolutionary idea and to be able to transform it into an impactful social project that match with the needs of the communities we target. If we do so, we would have succeeded at least one of our mission.
Open IT For Development, it's US, but it's also YOU  and together, we can and will create the change