Monday, September 3, 2012

Learn, build and improve communication skills

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". Gandhi
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<i>We always learn from life experiences, encounters, events which happen during our lifetime. However one of the main thing we should never stop to take it into consideration is the way to establish a genuine and authentic communication with "others".

Communication has this magical goal in the sense it allows us to be in contact with each other. Without mentioning that with communication, we learn to discover, to feel and to respect everyone's difference

That is why I believe that communication skills should be integrated in all stage of a life including:
  • professional life: build internal communication strategy based on transparency (between co-workers / from company to customers ..)
  • social life: with interactive communication that involves to listen, to understand, then to reply (may be with friends, acquaintances..)
  • personal life: here, it's about having and always maintaining a sincere dialogue with people we love (wife, husband, children ..)
Indeed, to improve communication skills it's crucial to pay attention to:
  • be honest and transparent with others
  • express clearly his vision or opinions
  • respond to messages/request whenever necessary (always close the circle)
It's a long and steady journey to get to know each others, but if we keep learning and trying, we surely will improve a lot human relationships.
As a challenge, let us now try to be more open and less judgemental, this may be the first steps for learning to communicate efficiently.