Monday, April 23, 2012

Emerging Markets: Doing Business Investments There

Supporting, advising, proposing customised services to partners, structures, businesses who wish to extend their activities in emerging markets: That is OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT daily work.

Within the current market context, many organisations are multidisciplinary and intervene within several geographic areas while at OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT, the team group focuses particularly on one thematic (ICT) and two regions (West Africa & South-East Europe). OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT (OITFD) has the benefit and strength to be composed by consultants who have a keen knowledge of the covered markets as native from target regions.

In fact OITFD was created with the purpose to expose a new and positive eye view on the organisation defined area in particular the African continent.
Yeap! because creating business partnership to stimulate the regional economy, that's all Africa needs and nothing else...

Through this initiative undertaken by talented, passionate and highly skilled consultants, OITFD seeks to encourage enterprises specially the small and medium sized companies (SMEs), as well as structures from public and private sectors including universities, municipalities, research institutes.. operating within the frameworks of international cooperation projects to come in emerging regions (West Africa & South-East Europe) for harnessing high business potential offered by these markets. OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT provides relevant consulting services regarding issues such as
  • project legal analysis of a national/regional regulatory frameworks, 
  • thematic market research,
  • competitive analysis,
  • strategic marketing, 
  • and much more!!
Services are delivered both in the pre-project phase and during the project lifetime. Also, the organisation is committed to establish an ethical, fair, prosperous, and open environment allowing to each stakeholder to take interest from the partnership

If you desire to invest within attractive markets, seize new business opportunities, Emerging market countries are welcoming you and OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT will be by your side to help your business make the right move.

Now, put any hesitation aside and contact OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT through contact[at]openitfordevelopment[dot]org for more information about what he does and how he works. You can also follow the organisation activities on Twitter: @Openitfordev