Monday, April 23, 2012

Doing Business Investments in Emerging Markets

Supporting, advising, proposing ad-hoc services to partners, universities, companies that wish to extend their activities in emerging markets: That is our daily work at  OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT (OITFD).

Indeed, we focus on one thematic (ICT) and two target regions (Senegal and Turkey) and the team consultant consultants have  have a keen knowledge of the covered markets as their are native of these regions.

Through the creation of OITFD undertaken by talented, passionate and highly skilled managers, we seek to motivate companies particularly SMEs, universities, research institutes.. operating within the frameworks of international cooperation projects to harness the huge business potential our target emerging markets offer.
And in terms of consulting services OITFD consultants can support in issues such as:
  • project legal analysis of a national/regional regulatory frameworks, 
  • thematic market research,
  • competitive analysis,
  • strategic marketing, 
  • etc..
Also, the organization is committed to build an ethical, fair and transparent work environment allowing a win-win partnership
So, for companies that wish to invest in attractive markets, seize new business opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us at: contact[at]openitfordevelopment[dot]org and we will be by your side to help your business make the right move.