Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Entrepreneurship: Focus, Constancy and Perseverance, Key Factors of Success

Be an entrepreneur, manage a micro or small business requires far more personal investment in terms of energy, time, motivation than many people may think it does. Some entrepreneurs have probably pleasure in saying «I am head of such or such structure» without realizing really that success does not come when effort is lesser.
In fact the most difficult but certainly not impossible, when running its own business is to stay focus, be committed, constant and last but not least be persevering.

Few are the managers who have got success within their business sector by happenstance or chance. For the skeptics, have a look around among the founders of the biggest enterprises, for instance S. Jobs and B. Gates in computing industry or yet the biggest searchers and scientists Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and Dr. Maurice Bucaille in the domain of scientific and medical research. All have in common one point: they have been the best in their field, due to (If I dare guess) an incommensurate commitment, concentration and perseverance for building "something" that have ever changed the humanity.
So, most of these leaders have been lucky maybe, but I specially believe that they were  great hard-workers. So be your own boss, take responsibility, undertake something, Ok! cool, great, excellent...

However without adopting the right attitude, mindset, meaning that you need to integrate some simple factors like commitment, focus, constance and perseverance, rare will be those (entrepreneurs/managers) who could pretend to success