Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loss of Services and Societal Degradation

Well, most of my posts have been about analyzing topics on quality of services, customer services or yet customer satisfaction.The fact is nowadays, there is obviously a lack of services in many public and non-public organizations. Till now, raised subjects focused more on initiatives developed by companies marketing managers, but it might be interesting to approach the issue differently by questioning ourselves (us as customers, consumers, citizens, civilians and so on) why the "concept of services" is slowing down so greatly in our contemporary society?

Actually after a little retrospective the observation is evident, which leads to distinguish two periods: the first one, we'd call "the before time" and the second one "the today time".

The "before time" represents time when you could
  • Call a service provider (insurance, mobile phone, banks) and get someone who guide you to the right service which will answer to your query with courtesy and professionalism
  • Go to a public or non-public service and be welcome with a "good morning" and most of the time with a smile at face and a "goodbye, have a nice day" when leaving
  • Jump into a bus and see a younger person gives his seat to an older one
  • Bump into your neighbor and say "hello" and "see you soon"
  • Walk your way tranquilly without fearing to walk on dog poop
Anyway, the list is large

Regarding the "today time" when
  • Calling a service for information (Internet providers) most of the time, you must hold the line for at least couple of minutes (8 to 10 minutes in most cases), and when you finally get someone, it's for telling you that you are not at the right department, then they start balancing you between different services until the line fall down. The worse being when they hang up on you (while you have been waiting for more than 10 minutes) if ever you disagree about what they say
  • Being in a restaurant, you barely have had time to digest that many go and return from waitresses make you understand that you have to leave because in 5 minutes, it will be closing time
  • Entering Within buses, trains and all public transportations, people sit and lay down their feet (with their shoes) over the seat in front of. It might be risky if you ever try to say something because you cannot really measure people's level of aggressiveness and rudeness.
There are numerous of other examples we could quote, but the purpose is rather to show the more than probable link between the current "loss of services" and the civic and behavioral degradation. Due to that societal degradation, the acts of violence have increased against structures like banks and in stores such as jewelery, bcbg or premium clothing stores. As these kind of companies are often subject to burglaries, every customer might be a potential thief. Consequently a mistrust feeling took place between seller/service provider and customer, what definitely kill the services, because neither clients nor sellers could feel comfortable in a deal where relationship of confidence is less existent.

Here is the brief analysis or contribution, I wanted to bring to this so large topic which is customer service. I am sure, marketing managers, marketing consultants, professional brand consultants and other strategists have not finished yet to deal with. I am also optimistic and convinced that things can evolve in a right way if all of us put the necessary will for re-appropriating one of the basis of a «VIVRE ENSEMBLE» as: respect for others.

In closing, I’d like to wish a happy, and prosperous, new year to every people on this planet. I'd like to think, to hope and to expect that 2012 will be a year for awakening of consciousness from world public opinion. So that finally in our societies truth, intellectual honesty, justice, diplomacy, collective interest will defeat (forever) respectively lies, intellectual dishonesty, injustice, force usage and private interest or interest of a small group. Once more happy new year with my best wishes

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