Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Internet Marketing Insights for Building Luxury Brand Strategy through Social Media

Today most of (if not all) luxury brands are present on Internet  generally via their own websites. For most of them, their websites do have a high web traffic and page rank also, due definitely to the luxury brand history, the myth created around it (Veuve Clicquot), its self-confidence and its influence inside the industry leading to excellent reputation.

Thus, it might be tempted for luxury brands to rely solely on these values which are deeply important for any luxurious brand lines. However with the explosion of information & communication technologies (ICT), new means and possibilities have appeared, mostly in terms of way of communicating with target customers, markets, segments or groups thanks in particular to social media use and management.

Actually for luxury specialists, harnessing these new channels might be an invaluable opportunity for sharing globally (with potential and future clients) not the brand dream only, but all the emotion, imaginary and beauty in behind also. Because after all, luxury is partly about dream and influence.

Passion for luxury brands and Internet technology combined to brand communication experience, innovation and creativity spirit, these are what Web marketer RokBarry specialized in developing targeted Internet marketing solutions in collaboration with this advertising and e-marketing agency offer you. We propose to help you create a strong and dynamic digital strategy for your luxury brand that will leverage your on line presence on the web economy, particularly in social medias.
The social marketing strategy we developed will be a support tool which comes to complete your website and other traditional marketing and communication tactics.

Here is an overview of what we can propose (eg: big shows or events):
  • Gorgeously designed blog/mini-sites with: optimized content and pages, targeted keywords, adapted seo tactics. The overall goal being to meet your requirements while respecting your brand value and image
  • Take in charge you on line PR, email marketing, CRM, inbound marketing programs, Web design and development for the event duration
  • Exceptional creative methods and solid social media strategy to help spreading the luxury brand dream while increasing brand influence digitally
  • General recommendations for admirably monitoring and managing its on line Internet marketing through social media
Digital strategies is not a simple matter which has to be done only by interns, but as for marketing, PR and communication initiatives, it requires a real commitment for building solid foundations to success with it.