Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Digital Marketing Strategy, Luxury Brands and Social Medias

Today, most of luxury brands are visible on Internet through their websites and various social medias

Indeed for brand developers particularly those specialized in luxury sectors, harnessing these new channels of communication could be a great opportunity to increase the brand influence and to share more widely the history or myth in behind each luxury brand

As a passionate brand developer and social network specialist, I offer consulting services to build a dynamic digital marketing strategy through social medias. This will complete your website and other traditional communication channels
Here is an overview of the services proposed:
  • Design blog/showcase website with: optimized content and pages optimized, targeted keywords, seo tactics implementation. The purpose being to meet your requirements while respecting your brand image
  • Take in charge your online PR, email marketing, CRM, inbound marketing programs, web design and development
  • General recommendations for well monitoring and managing its online Internet marketing through social media
Digital marketing strategies require a real commitment from all entities of the marketing department in order to  building solid foundations for the online brand success.