Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make Personal Image a Valuable Asset Leading to Success in Professional Career or Personal Life

Yeah! it may sound as a cliché but Marketing field is one of the professions where appearance and personal image are an asset, that's one of the reason I have chosen working on it!

Personal image says a lot about individual personality, it influences people you meet and is inevitably one of the things you are judged on at first sight, so it's better to not overlook it.
Personal image isn't only about looking or physical presentation. Far from it, this must include also personal hygiene, way of speaking and get along with others. Personal image is an element of credibility even more for professionals of marketing, in particular sales representatives. For these people, it's compulsory to always have the right look, for allowing customers to be in trust easily.

let's consider this example: when you enter in a supermarket and have the possibility to buy between two similar products. The first one is packaged in a box presenting a little damage on surface while the packaging of the second one is free of any scratch or things like that. Honestly, wouldn't you have tend to choose the one devoid of damage ? I guess so!
The same with people, we are more attracted by people presenting an overall good presentation than those who aren't, it's probably a matter of trust, but let's say, it is more pleasant also.

Here are some tips and tricks in different contexts, motivating how important is to always keep a special watch on personal image.
  • Job Interview: for job seekers, first impression counts and employers pay attention to it, even if they don't show it purposefully. You may already have heard that expression «never get a second chance to make a first impression» or «first impressions are the most lastings», therefore why not leave a good one ? At the end it may always make the difference
  • Workers specially Marketing Consultants: as just mentioned, to establish credibility and get all chances needed to get the client or the sale, one golden rule: be neat and well groomed in all circumstances
    Regarding employees, most corporations have a dress code, just based your style on it while adding your own personal touch.
  • Important Meeting: tell yourself, that person you will meet could be the man or woman of your life (of course, if you aren't already engaged somewhere else), who knows ? So you likely will get more chance to seduce him/her if you do look your best.
So, no more excuses ! to achieve fixed objectives in terms of personal or professional image, there are many affordable coaching centers and personal image consultant nowadays, which propose support and monitoring for helping to find the style tailored to image, personality and physical characteristics.

Also, we are about to see in Europe and particularly in France, the growing of Personal Branding concept which, in few words consist to work on people personality in order to highlight core competency and take advantages of that. This is a keen way of valuing personal image combined to professional aspirations for standing out of the crowd in this so competitive world. People who wish can get helpful and professional personal branding advices on how to build "YOU" as a brand, from the marketing consulting web agency, which I collaborated with for my own brand promotion.

Don't forget:neat image might be a valuable asset in succeeding either for Professional Career or Personal Life