Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When self-belief bring positive difference in our life

Is there something more beautiful than being free to imagine, create or work on topics your really take interest in? I don't think so.
Sometimes when you look around, there might exist some unexploited opportunities and that depends to each one to be able to see and grab them.
Current societies are settled in a way that individuals have more and more difficulties to think freely or simply take position following their own beliefs. As a consequence people have less confidence in themselves and societies tend to be increasingly ruled by superficiality.

I am tempted to believe that if we can free our minds, behaviours and actions from any kind of useless dependency both professionally as well as personally, we'll far feel pleased on investing our time and energy to focus on things we really love.

So together let us improve our self belief while trying as much as possible to work on things that give a sense of meaning to our life


  1. be independent
    break the power chains put in place by so called respectable people

    power to people unconditionally

    Republican monarchies "à la francaise": no thanks, no more. People are intelligent enough to administer their own richness. No need of delegate to a gang of powerfull and "respectable" VIP

  2. absolutely agree with you. I think everyone has talent and is able to do things by himself without needing someone to hold him by hands. Anyway time and eras have change so much that nowadays it's far better to manage his own live than waiting for anyone else to do it