Monday, June 27, 2011

Do What we Love do Make the Difference

Entrepreneurship has an invaluable side, because no permission is needed to decide or to make choice.
It is the best experience ever, just for the freedom to think, take risk, mistake, develop marketing strategies and set up tactics without having any boss, teachers, religious guide or other authorities dictating what to do or how things should be done.

Being off from any pressure-free climate and mostly, giving to my brain the possibility to create, design, puts an image over new stuff stimulated me far more than the past three years spent in working within corporations.

Ideas are now emerging more easily, even if for couple of things, I sometimes wonder what I am waiting for?
After all, whatever might happen, if I do not try I could never know whether that was feasible or not. Happily, the inner voice is always to encourage and keep whispering: go on, try it, overpass barriers and worries...

Regardless of obstacles that might be on the way up to success, regardless of tough competition or business environment also, in above our head, there is only ONE SUN WHICH IS SHINING FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet.
This leads to this rational conclusion: each one has a place under this shining sun, all is about to find his/her and make it good use.

Most important resides certainly from not being fearful of failure or mistakes, because on entrepreneurship road, it does occur. And good weapons to struggle against would be: focus, willingness, perseverance and last but not least LOVE.
Once all these elements gathered, I do believe that, in fact, big part of the work is already accomplished

So, time has rung to transform insights into something valuable and keep working on it till getting it right.


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