Monday, June 27, 2011

Do What we Love do Make the Difference

Entrepreneurship has an invaluable side, because no permission is needed to decide or to make choice.
It is the best experience ever, just for the freedom to think, take risk, mistake, develop marketing strategies and set up tactics without having any boss, teachers, religious guide or other authorities dictating what to do or how things should be done.

Being off from any pressure-free climate and mostly, giving to my brain the possibility to create, design, puts an image over new stuff stimulated me far more than the past three years spent in working within corporations.

Ideas are now emerging more easily, even if for couple of things, I sometimes wonder what I am waiting for?
After all, whatever might happen, if I do not try I could never know whether that was feasible or not. Happily, the inner voice is always to encourage and keep whispering: go on, try it, overpass barriers and worries...

Regardless of obstacles that might be on the way up to success, regardless of tough competition or business environment also, in above our head, there is only ONE SUN WHICH IS SHINING FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet.
This leads to this rational conclusion: each one has a place under this shining sun, all is about to find his/her and make it good use.

Most important resides certainly from not being fearful of failure or mistakes, because on entrepreneurship road, it does occur. And good weapons to struggle against would be: focus, willingness, perseverance and last but not least LOVE.
Once all these elements gathered, I do believe that, in fact, big part of the work is already accomplished

So, time has rung to transform insights into something valuable and keep working on it till getting it right.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When self-belief bring positive difference in our life

Is there something more beautiful than being free to imagine, create or work on topics your really take interest in? I don't think so.
Sometimes when you look around, there might exist some unexploited opportunities and that depends to each one to be able to see and grab them.
Current societies are settled in a way that individuals have more and more difficulties to think freely or simply take position following their own beliefs. As a consequence people have less confidence in themselves and societies tend to be increasingly ruled by superficiality.

I am tempted to believe that if we can free our minds, behaviours and actions from any kind of useless dependency both professionally as well as personally, we'll far feel pleased on investing our time and energy to focus on things we really love.

So together let us improve our self belief while trying as much as possible to work on things that give a sense of meaning to our life

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Understand the Blog Functioning

For all of you who will stop by this site, let me tell you hello and welcome to my universe.

I hope you will like what you find inside this space that I decided to share publicly with you on behalf of my passion for innovation, creation, marketing new ideas for luxury brands, fashion and many other areas.

So to all readers, followers, acquaintances, I rely on you for considering this blog only as a place of exchange and sharing with fun and respect.

Also, I do not exclude the idea of being productive on new products with some of my readers.

Meanwhile, let me show you my logo to start with and wish thanking RasadaCrea for the original design that I love, they created for me.

My posts will expose insights, another way to see marketing, interpret luxury brand, nurture creative qualities and experience from entrepreneurship. In the meantime, I keep working up on revolutionary stuff that I look forward to share with all of you for months to come.

Having said that, one thing is sure: I am deeply passionated by all topics mentioned in above and having the opportunity to realize something on subjects I love is just so exciting and makes me far feel better.

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