Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Developing an efficient internet marketing strategy

Let me share with you some of the stuffs I've been working on during all this time off.
It's about one of my favorite subject: Internet marketing.
  • What are the major steps for setting up an internet marketing strategy,
  • how businesses can strengthen their online presence and
  • the crucial role social medias are playing in viral marketing.
These 3 points have been evoked throughout this couple of slides titled introduction to e-marketing strategy. Recently, I was talking about this theme with postgraduate students from university of Paris X Nanterre.
That being said, I hope those who will go through this presentation may find inside it some additional practices to improve their digital marketing strategy.

Good reading ;)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Search engine optimization, internet marketing tactics and social network

Developing a well design and easy-to-navigate website are important but might be not enough to be successful in terms of web visibility. In fact web content optimization is the surest way that guarantees to company website to achieve high rankings on search engines results pages.

As an independent consultant I provide affordable ad-hoc services to websites owners to improve their search ranking. First, it is important to bear in mind that managing SEO/SEM campaign requires a long term commitment from company's marketing managers. Here are some simple tricks which may help for improving a website ranking:
  • Build a valuable content which attracts visitors 
  • Select keywords and key phrases matching your company's activity (generally words your potential target audience or clients are likely to use when searching for your products or services) 
  • Insert keywords within page URL, page title in the HTML, meta description tag, page content and links on each web page including anchor text 
Once the step of keywords/key phrases research is done, the website will now need to be indexed and listed either by adding URL directly in search engines or using inbound links.
Different ways allowing to grab good inbound links exist and the most common are:
  • Editing professional and targeted articles that deliver a clear and optimized marketing message for both search engines and users 
  • Setting up relevant netlink partnerships (back or reciprocal links) as well as making relevant comments on forums and blogs
  • Creating optimized Press Release to announce any new product development 
  • Etc
Today, it might also be interesting to include within the company SEO process the social network optimization which in a long term, can be a benefit for the business.



Saturday, November 17, 2012

Open IT For Development: Our vision of entrepreneurship

Open IT for Development, is a non-profit organization OPEN (as indicate its name) to any ideas which can help us to develop a lot of relevant social projects within the region we target. That being said, we perpetually keep exploring, observing, building relationships and skills in order to broaden our vision of entrepreneurship while also learning from what we see.

At Open IT for Development, we ensure that creativity, innovation and quality of services not only are encouraged but also are entirely part of the company's values.

Our wish and hope are:
to propose the best revolutionary idea and to be able to transform it into an impactful social project that matches with the needs of the communities we target. If we do so, we would have succeeded at least one of the organization goal.
Open IT For Development, it's US, but it's also YOU and together, we can, we shall and will create the CHANGE particularly in my continent (Africa).


Monday, September 3, 2012

Learning, building and improving communication skills

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever".
I started with these words of Gandhi, because life is so precious that the best each one can do is: to learn during all our lifetime. Learning again and again, about ourselves, about the others. How can we build positive relationships, establish quality professional partnerships, share a vision without judgment...?

These different ways of learning are all part of communication.

Indeed, communication has something magical in the sense it allows to create a link, to learn from the other, to discover, to feel and to live with the other.
Building effective communication should be considered in
  • professional life: build internal communication strategy based on transparency (between co-workers / from BtoB or BtoCs ..)
  • personal and social life: with interactive communication including listening in order to understand first before replying. The purpose being to create and maintain a constructive dialogue ( between friends, acquaintances..)
Finally, for improving our daily communication, here are 3 simple points to pay attention to:
  • be honest and respectful with others
  • express clearly his/her vision, opinion or needs
  • respond to messages/request in order to close the loop
Life is a journey where communication seems to be one of the key tools which can highly contribute in building and enhancing quality relationships.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Doing Business Investments in Emerging Markets

Supporting, advising, proposing ad-hoc services to partners, universities, companies that wish to extend their activities in emerging markets: That is our daily work at  OPEN IT FOR DEVELOPMENT (OITFD).

Indeed, we focus on one thematic (ICT) and two target regions (Senegal and Turkey) and the team consultant consultants have  have a keen knowledge of the covered markets as their are native of these regions.

Through the creation of OITFD undertaken by talented, passionate and highly skilled managers, we seek to motivate companies particularly SMEs, universities, research institutes.. operating within the frameworks of international cooperation projects to harness the huge business potential our target emerging markets offer.
And in terms of consulting services OITFD consultants can support in issues such as:
  • project legal analysis of a national/regional regulatory frameworks, 
  • thematic market research,
  • competitive analysis,
  • strategic marketing, 
  • etc..
Also, the organization is committed to build an ethical, fair and transparent work environment allowing a win-win partnership
So, for companies that wish to invest in attractive markets, seize new business opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us at: contact[at]openitfordevelopment[dot]org and we will be by your side to help your business make the right move.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Entrepreneurship: Key Factors of Success

Be an entrepreneur and manage a self business requires a lot of personal investment in terms of energy, time and motivation.

Be committed, stay focused, constant and persevering are also fundamentals as success rarely happen by coincidence or chance

Either S. Jobs or B. Gates in computing industry or searcher and scientists Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, these great hard workers have in common: having been the best in their field, probably thanks to an invaluable commitment, concentration and perseverance in order to build "something" that have ever remained a heritage for humanity.

For sure entrepreneurship is not simple or easy, but is there anything simple or easy is life?

So commitment, focus, constance added to the right mindset and a bit of luck could be the magic formula for succeeding as en entrepreneur.

And I am practicing what I am preaching.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Digital Marketing Strategy, Luxury Brands and Social Medias

Today, most of luxury brands are visible on Internet through their websites and various social medias

Indeed for brand developers particularly those specialized in luxury sectors, harnessing these new channels of communication could be a great opportunity to increase the brand influence and to share more widely the history or myth in behind each luxury brand

As a passionate brand developer and social network specialist, I offer consulting services to build a dynamic digital marketing strategy through social medias. This will complete your website and other traditional communication channels
Here is an overview of the services proposed:
  • Design blog/showcase website with: optimized content and pages optimized, targeted keywords, seo tactics implementation. The purpose being to meet your requirements while respecting your brand image
  • Take in charge your online PR, email marketing, CRM, inbound marketing programs, web design and development
  • General recommendations for well monitoring and managing its online Internet marketing through social media
Digital marketing strategies require a real commitment from all entities of the marketing department in order to  building solid foundations for the online brand success.